I’m not sure he said anything new on this topic Thursday night, when he appeared on the radio pre-game show with Dave Jageler, heard locally on 106.7 The Fan. But he’s obviously still thinking about these issues.

“We’re going through it all together, and we’re starting something great in the city of Washington D.C., with the team that we have and the guys that we have,” Werth told Jageler. “And the fans are starting to take note, and show up in record numbers. And that just bodes well for things to start from and go from there.

“I think it’s gonna be a fun time,” he continued. “It’s gonna be an exciting time for the city, for the people who’ve been there for so long. It’s an interesting city, in my mind, with all the people from other places. And anybody can come out and watch our team and enjoy the way we play, and the guys, and the winning. So it’s gonna be fun.”

Before the interview ended, Jageler asked Werth about his decision to come to Washington before the 2011 campaign.

“I mean, I knew it was the right decision,” he said. “I knew there’d be bumps in the road, too. That was part of it. And last year was just that. I think we’re playing baseball the way that I thought we would play. Maybe a little early. Maybe people didn’t realize that year two was gonna be the year that we took off....

“I’m definitely happy with the decision,” he concluded. “I’m really taking to the town. I enjoy living there. I live there in the offseason, and I like it. I’m happy where I’m at. I’m glad I’m here. And I’m looking forward to many winning baseball seasons to come.”