I’m not sure what WaPo style is on this, nor am I sure what Comcast SportsNet’s policy is on genital slang. But let it be said that after D.C. United defender Jed Zayner used some fun slang for showing effort in this halftime interview:

1) He apologized for using that word by using the word again.

2) Thomas Rongen followed up by referring to a hit Zayner took in that part of the body during the first half, asking “how are those, uh, where you got hit?”

3) Zayner answered perfectly: “Oh, man, I’m hoping I still have some babies in me,” he said.

This stuff is great for ratings. Dax McCarty agreed. All the good stuff is below the jump for taste reasons.

Jed Zayner said “balls” (not referring 2 soccer ones) twice during a live TV interview last night. Sry dad, love u, but I have a new hero...less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet ReplyDax McCarty