Saturday, five years after he was an NBA lottery pick, Jeff Green will graduate from Georgetown with a major in English and a minor in theology. He told the school’s athletic site that he was pushed to get his degree by his former Hoyas teammates, and that finishing school was a a “weight lifted off my shoulders.”

The Post will have more on this at some point, but since the school posted this video of Green reflecting on the moment, I figured I might as well pop it on here.

The transcript:

“A Georgetown education means a lot, and like you said, it was not easy. I mean, I dedicated four years of summer to school, never had a free summer. This’ll be the first summer that I have where I have no school, no class, no lectures. The education and the degree from Georgetown is big.

“When I walk across the stage I don’t know what’s gonna go through my mind. It’s gonna be all smiles, because I accomplished a goal that I set out years ago, and it’s finally here. It’s tough to put into words how I’m gonna feel. Four years of grueling two hour sessions of class. And to finally be able to say I’m done and have a paper with my name on it, a degree from Georgetown University is gonna be breathtaking. I’m gonna be speechless.”