Since this story clearly needed updating, here’s your update, via Nats PR:

“JFK will not be joining the Mount Rushmore Four as the fifth Racing President.”

Really? That’s it and nothing more?

“JFK made an appearance last night to celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s 268th birthday, and Tom asked him to participate in the race. He may make some scattered appearances through the season, but nothing is definite yet.”

Well, I’d vote for yes, please. Because people online are already making jokes about how JFK would perpetually finish back and to the left. And about how he’d have to watch out for the grassy knoll in center field. And about how he could be met at the finish line by a giant-headed Marilyn Monroe. We can’t let this go so easily.

Plus, Taft. More Taft.

Also, here’s a much better video of the proceedings, via the Nats Web site.