If there’s a sports-talk radio show in America that has not had Jim Riggleman as a guest today, its producer should be fired. And like I’ve said before, each one gets better and better.

Here’s the man of the day, talking about his contract to ESPN 1000’s Waddle and Silvy in Chicago.

“When I signed this contract a couple years ago, I made it very clear that we all know this is a ridiculous contract. I have no choice but to sign it, it’s unfair, it’s disrespectful, we know it’s not right. And I was told you’re right, it is a bad contract, and when the time is right we’ll fix it. And it just appeared that the time was never gonna be right, and the determination was made that we’ll get through this year and then you probably won’t be with us anyway.

“That’s the way it felt to me. I felt that it was to the point that if we won enough games, I might be brought back, but then it would still be the same thing, it would be no commitment, it would be one year, and at some point you’ve got to commit to something....It’s disrespectful. You either fish or cut bait.”

So he was asked whether he has any regrets about this whole ordeal.

“No. The only regret would be that I should have maybe done this in the offseason, but I did think that if we played good baseball early on, that it would be rectified,” Riggleman said. “We can’t play better baseball than we’ve played. We’ve played outstanding baseball. That’s not me, that’s the players, but if we played horrible baseball, I’d be the one gone, not the players. And now that we’ve played good baseball, not even worthy of discussion? It’s just not appropriate.”

And as for Thursday night at Caddies on Cordell?

“Man, I should never have done that,” he said with a laugh. “Hey, the manager needs love too, you know? You know, look, I’m a single man, and you’ve got to let them college girls get a look at you now and then, you know?”

And Friday night?

“No. I’m too old for Caddies,” Riggleman said. “Those girls in those pictures, their boyfriends are right there, they’re calling me daddy and all that stuff, so that’s not the spot for me. You know, I love watching baseball. Somebody asked me that yesterday. Last night when I got home I watched the Phillies and Cardinals. They were still on at Caddies, I was catching the game there. The Sox and Nats will be on tonight, I’ll watch that, but I’ve got the remote in my hand any time I’m watching, I’m watching three or four games at the same time.”