(Jessica Hill/AP)

“We took our [full-court press] with us to let the [Fairfield Stags] know that we have an equalizer,” Seale once said, more or less, except he was talking about guns and the police.

Anyhow, Jimmy Patsos completed a magisterial tour de force on the podium after his Loyola Greyhounds earned their first NCAA tournament berth in nearly two decades on Monday night. (Video here, if you have 18 hours. New York Times story here.) The former Georgetown bartender started off his press conference by talking for nearly four minutes without taking a question, and eventually got to his halftime speech.

“I talked about Bobby Seale and the Black Panthers,” Patsos, a former Maryland assistant, said. “I said there’s levels. There’s Martin Luther King. There’s Malcolm X. And I said I have saved Bobby Seale and the Black Panthers for the end. Sometimes you’ve got to get militant, and we’re getting militant, young men. And I told them about that.

“And I didn’t mean violence, I said we are gonna take it up a notch, and we are going to press on every make. Didn’t I, Erik?” he said, turning to forward Erik Etherly. “I said we are going full force. It’s time. Not that there’s anything with pacifism or middle-of-the road intellectualism, but I said it’s time for anger. Didn’t we tell them who Bobby Seale was? So they now know.

“So we just pressed. I said if we sit back they’re going to throw it into us, and they’re gonna get us in foul trouble, and we’re gonna foul out. So we’re gonna press 94 feet for 20 minutes and leave it all out. And if it works it works, if not, not. And it worked. Thank God they hid the fruit. They put the fruit in there these first couple of days, but they hid that.”

Not sure how the fruit fits in, exactly, but I believe it had something to do with the Symbionese Liberation Army .

And if you think that was Patsos’s only foray into college curricula on Monday night, you must have missed this exchange he had with Robert Olson in the middle of the press conference about a basketball game.

Patsos: Bobby where’d we go on Saturday?

Olson: Saturday?

Patsos: What’s the tea cup museum?

Olson: Um.

Patsos: What’s the name of the museum we went to on Saturday?

Olson: What was it? It was like, some, art….

Patsos: The Guggenheim. See, we pulled over, I taught ‘em about one of the cultural, architectural best spots in New York.

Olson: We go to too many places, I don’t know.

Patsos: See, better then going to none.

Olson: That’s true.

Patsos: We went to the Guggenheim, to teach them about that, and I showed them the reservoir because we had seen Love Story, I showed them where Ryan O’Neal went across the thing, and then we stopped and took a picture of the Guggenheim. [Hits table in frustration.] I’m disappointed in you. More visits!