(By Toni L. Sandys - TWP.)

Les Carpenter: “He decided to stop drinking for a year and celebrated the occasion by getting a multi-colored tattoo of a peace sign on his wrist. He got it in Los Angeles while working a coaching clinic. He found a celebrity place in West Hollywood, Spotlight Tattoo. Got it done by Bob Roberts, who is something of a tattoo legend, undoubtedly making Jimmy the only coach in the NCAA tournament with a Bob Roberts tattoo, let alone a peace sign inked on his arm.”

Pete Thamel: “Patsos quit drinking for a year after Loyola squandered a 17-point lead to Siena in the MAAC semifinals in 2008. He commemorated a year of sobriety with a multicolored peace sign tattoo — he’s a fan of the Grateful Dead — on his left wrist. He lost 50 pounds along the way. “There wasn’t an intervention,” he said. “I didn’t have a drinking problem. I had a drinking issue. I quit for a year and said, ‘I’ll get a tattoo.’ ”

Bob Cohn: “A Boston native, Patsos, 45, loves art, music and travel. He is a film buff and a big Grateful Dead fan. He has a peace-sign tattoo.”

And so on and so forth. The Post also has a Patsos feature this week — by the great Dave Sheinin, with photos by the great Toni L. Sandys. One of her shots, as seen above, shows that tattoo pretty nicely. Horrific close-up below.