(Comcast SportsNet screengrab)

“Since you [won Super Bowls] with three different quarterbacks, you really don’t think the quarterback position is that important, do you?” Shanahan jokingly asked Gibbs.

“Believe me, when we talk about quarterbacks, I always say this: Who made the playoffs last year, and what kind of quarterbacks did they have?” Gibbs said, adding his trademark cackle.

“Yeah, but you killed that theory [by winning] with three different guys,” Shanahan countered.

“No, here’s the deal,” Gibbs said. “If you watch what happened in the time I was here, when I had [a quarterback], we were pretty good. And then when we were looking for one, we went down here. And then when we got one, we went back up there, and we did that three times. People always say that about my coaching, but I say, what you left out was, I had three great ones.”

I think he’s being pretty kind.

Gibbs also talked with Larry Michael (Larry Michael!) about the Redskins, and he was typically subdued.

“I think this is the greatest sports franchise in the world, with the greatest fan base in the world,” Gibbs said. “I do stay in touch, talk to Dan and try and just kind of stay updated on what’s going on. He’s going so hard, I’m going so hard, but I do try and just keep up. I’m probably one of the biggest fans ever. Always will be.”