“I have a solution for the strike right now,” Joe Gibbs told Vinny Cerrato on the radio Tuesday morning. “Here’s the solution. Let me solve it, ok, put the power in my hands. I’ll take that $9 billion, I’ll put one-half to the players, and one-half to the owners, I’ll take one percent for doing that, and we’ll be done in 10 minutes.”

You go, Joe.

“At some point we’ll get this thing resolved,” Gibbs said, while appearing on Cerrato’s Baltimore radio show. “I mean, there’s too much at stake. For all of us that are great NFL fans, nobody wants to see this thing where you miss games. I would say there’s too much at stake, and they’re gonna get it worked out.”

Hey, did I mention Vinny Cerrato was interviewing Joe Gibbs on the radio? Kind of weird, right? I know I’ve been accused of having a Cerrato obsession, but hey, the man keeps himself interesting. Like, this is how the segment closed.

Gibbs: “Hey Vinny, I just want to go back and retrace our first free-agent class: Marcus Washington, Phillip Daniels, Cornelius Griffin, Mark Brunell, Clinton Portis. Pretty studly. Draft choices? Sean Taylor, Chris Cooley, Carlos Rogers, Rocky McIntosh, LaRon Landry. Pretty good, man. That ain’t bad.”

Cerrato: “Good teamwork.”

Gibbs: “That was good teamwork. Hey, thanks for all those meetings, man. We sat in there all those hours, evaluating those guys, I thought you did a great job, Vinny.”

Then there was the starting dialog, which was equally amazing.

Gibbs: “I only have one question: how come you didn’t approach me to have a radio show?”

Cerrato: “[Cackle.]”

Gibbs: “Vinny always gets the good stuff, he always gets the good stuff.”

Cerrato: “Hey, I’ll come down and run the race team.”

Gibbs: “[Heee heee hee.] Right now, right now, I”ll let you run it.

Cerrato: “[Cackle.] I can handle all those fines.”

Then there was this question from Cerrato: “Can you win with dumb guys, and can you win with bad guys?” (The answer was no, believe it or not.)

Co-host Ken Weinman also asked Gibbs what it takes to be a champion, in light of LeBron James’s recent disappointment. Gibbs wasn’t necessarily specifically talking about LeBron in his answer, but I think he sort of was.

“You’re looking for the guys that really care about what they’re doing and they’re gonna lay it on the line,” the coach said. “Now, that shows up in a number of ways. These guys come early, they stay late, they care about their teammates, and you can see it played out on the field. And to be quite truthful, some of them will play hurt. They’re gonna get after it. And I think that’s what you’re trying to get. Now, those things are tough to evaluate, as Vinny would tell you, because we’re trying to pick a human being. It’s not how fast he can run or how high he can jump, what kind of an athlete he is. It’s the moral character; his heart. You’re trying to evaluate someone’s heart, and that’s hard to do, because you can’t weigh it and you can’t time it.”