Redskins legend Joe Gibbs made a whole bunch of appearances on various ESPN platforms Wednesday, promoting his new book.

Along the way, he answered a whole bunch of questions about RGIII (and also at least one question about Stephen Strasburg, but I’ll ignore that for now).

In this brief video, Hannah Storm asks Gibbs for his impressions of Robert Griffin III.

“I’ve got to tell you, my impression, everybody’s excited,” Gibbs replied. “I’m the biggest Redskins fan in the world. I’m around the Redskins all the time and people there in the community. Everybody’s fired up about it.

“What I like about RGIII is kind of the way he handles himself,” Gibbs continued. “He seems to be handling everything great, to burst on the scene like that. He’s a fantastic athlete. Everybody there is extremely excited.

I’m fired up that management there — Bruce, Dan, Mike everybody — kind of went after him and did what it takes to get somebody like that, because really they’re in a division with great quarterbacks. All three of those teams: Vick, Manning, Romo. And so I think now the Redskins can compete at that level, and I think it gives them a chance to really step up and do something.”

Then Storm asked when the Redskins can expect to make the playoffs, which is even more unfair than asking Gibbs about Strasburg.

“I wouldn’t do that to a coach,” Gibbs said. “I’m not gonna predict anything. But I think that’s what they would like to do for sure, Mike and all the guys there. I think we’re all excited. And I think we’ve got the right people leading the team right now. And I think they’ve made some good decisions, this being a big one.”


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