Since I’m quoting everyone else on Peyton Manning and the Redskins, might as well quote Joe Gibbs on Peyton Manning and the Redskins.

Much of these comments — which came last week on Mike Wise’s radio show — already appeared in The Post via a Mike Wise column.

Still, transcribing radio interviews about whether Peyton Manning should play for the Redskins is what I do, so here is Gibbs, when asked if it’d be a fit.

“ Here’s the deal, I think he would be a fit with anybody,” Gibbs said. “But here’s what I think — this is just my advice, I’m the fan now — I think what you need to install with him is just what he did in Indy. It needs to be that offense.

“I think if somebody takes him and tries to put him in a West Coast offense, throwing this or throwing that, I think the scheme that they had fit him to a T. They say he was there for hours and hours and hours with the coaches. And basically what it was, he would audible out of those packages. I guess my point, whoever gets him, you’re gonna get a great player. He can play anywhere. But I think it would be to that team’s advantage to make sure they’re putting in that same offense.”

At which point it was noted that the Redskins, in fact, run something like the West Coast offense. So Gibbs was asked whether that would be an issue.

“Well, if you were to get him, I think that would be part of the discussion,” Gibbs agreed. “And I’m not saying it can’t be done a different way. The guy’s a great quarterback, he can play in any system. I’m just saying, to me, sitting back and watching it, and trying to defend [the Indianapolis offense], and seeing our guys run over there and play him, he drove you crazy. And he did everybody else in the NFL, he drove ‘em crazy.”


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