Still, Joe Gibbs 2012 says that to win in the playoffs, you need to get a franchise quarterback. The Hall of Fame coach was on ESPN 980’s The Sports Fix on Thursday, and when asked to assess the NFC playoff field, he ran down the six starting quarterbacks left in that conference.

“The teams that got there, what, they have good quarterbacks,” Gibbs said. “I’ve got to tell you this, if you look down that list, you’ve got to have a quarterback, you’ve got to have a stud to make it to the playoffs, I believe.”

Gibbs said he still believes that pass blocking and an ability to run the football matter, but he continued to argue that NFL success must begin with the dude who throws the ball.

“I do think for any NFL team, that’s kind of where you have to start today,” he said. “I really think you start with quarterback. And I think we all kind of know — I think the Redskins would kind of say — they’re going through a process here trying to find that guy that can consistently lead them in one of the toughest divisions in football, where they actually have three high-performing quarteracks.

“Philly, if they’re healthy, then I think they’re gonna be hard to beat. In Dallas, you’ve got a solid football team but I think their quarterback, to be quite truthful, can perform and get the job done. And we know Eli can....I think the key for the Redskins right now is kind of going through that process and getting that solved.”

Then Kevin Sheehan pointed out that the Redskins haven’t had any quarterback play at an elite level since probably Mark Rypien in the early ‘90s. And he asked Gibbs whether he’d go after Green Bay backup Matt Flynn. Gibbs declined to really evaluate any individual name, but he said yet again that the position needs to be solved.

“Certainly I would never give advice to Mike Shanahan,” Gibbs said. “Mike Shanahan, to me, is a proven product, great coach and I think Bruce and him will make great decisions. But generally for me the number one thing you want to try to do, whatever the cost, is try to solve the quarterback situation, get that thing solidified. I think the Redskins are going through that process, [to find] a solid starter that’ll been there every game for them, somebody they really can say can take them to the promised land.

“I think a lot of NFL teams are looking for that, but certainly the Redskins too....In the games I saw, I saw [Rex Grossman] play well.... I’m sure that the coaching staff there underneath Mike, they’re gonna really do a real analysis of where they stand. Do they feel like they have the guy that can lead them to the playoffs and the Super Bowl? And if not, you’ll probably see them make a bold move here of some kind.”