(Paul Sakuma/AP)

Regardless, if I posted Wilbon’s side of the argument, might as well post Theismann’s. This came Tuesday afternoon, when ESPN 980’s Kevin Sheehan asked Theismann for his thoughts on the McNabb rip job.

“I was surprised, to be honest with you,” Theismann said. “I really felt like Donovan was out-of-bounds with that comment. Just because he didn’t have a good experience in Washington....I mean, the offensive line was makeshift, the wide receiving corps was not very good. There were a lot of reasons why Donovan didn’t succeed — plus Donovan didn’t play well.

“But in the last 18 months of his career, he spent time on three different football teams. If you were that good, you probably would have been kept somewhere, and in Washington he got benched. So it sounded to me like sour grapes. I don’t think it was a fair evaluation....

“I think if you’re looking at football teams to join as a young quarterback, would you take the Indianapolis Colts — who are truly in a rebuilding program — or the Redskins, who were, really, quarterback play away from winning 10 football games? Where would you want to go?

“So I vehemently disagree with Donovan’s assessment of the coaching staff, of the organization, of the potential that’s around whatever young quarterback could come to Washington.”

There you have it. Breaking news. Joe Theismann backs the Redskins.

Later, Theismann even suggested that Mike Shanahan could be a good season away from meriting a contract extension.

“With the rotating quarterback scenario and the coaching carousels, there’s been inconsistency,” Theismann said. “I think you get a young quarterback like this, Mike now is going into his third year — I would think if things go the well everybody plans it, there should be an extension, so now you have some consistency there.”