There are plenty of clips to be found of Joe Theismann’s career ending injury. They don’t have the clarity of today’s sports broadcasts, and Theismann is grateful for that.

Theismann was on The Sports Junkies radio program this morning, and he finished his call with some insight into why he thinks his injury has affected the way live television producers handle injuries now.

“Mine was an open fracture. Mine was somewhat unique and I really feel like it changed the course of the way we view injuries today. You’ll see so often when there’s somebody really hurt on the field, they’ll immediately go to commercial, and they don’t show the reverse angles. I think of my injury at times and I think of, with all the slow motion, reverse angles, the high definition television that exists today, what it would have really been like if you had all that available to show people. And I’m sort of glad they weren’t there.”

It took Theismann 20 years after breaking his leg to be able to watch that replay. Even in standard 1985 definition, it was hard for the Redskins great to handle.