TMZ caught up with Joe Theismann recently in Los Angeles and asked him about Roger Goodell’s suspension of Saints Coach Sean Payton. In answering, Theismann revealed that not only were bounties common in his playing days, they were also a bit of a status symbol.

“You know something, to be honest with you, if you didn’t have a bounty on your head when I played, you weren’t worth anything anyway,” Theismann said. “But again, understand where we are today in society, safety is so vitally important, something the league and the Players Association are fighting for and I’m 100 percent behind it as far as safety goes.”

Theismann was on the Mike Wise Show earlier this year and expressed a similar sentiment, adding that in his day talk of bounties never went past the locker room.

“There is no sanctuary of the locker room anymore,” he said. “You have to understand that doesn’t exist anymore. Loyalty to a team, loyalty to a teammate, loyalty to a coach … There have been bounties for years on guys, years. You never heard of it before. There were rumors, there were innuendos … Never to the extent of what we see right now.”

In other Theismann news, it wouldn’t be TMZ if they didn’t ask something ridiculous, so they went with a generic “who is the best-looking quarterback” inquiry. After jokingly referring to himself, Theismann actually gave it some thought and answered.

“You know who’s a great-looking guy, as far as, you know, current goes is Matt Ryan. Matty Ice is a good-looking kid.”

Eat your heart out, Tom Brady.