“The Redskins, to me, are the most underrated football team in the National Football League,” he said then. “People don’t know how good the Redskins are gonna be, and they’re gonna find out on Sunday afternoon.”

(Of course, Theismann also argued that, in Rex Grossman and John Beck, the Redskins “have a couple quarterbacks that can play,” and that “there are places like Carolina, where they’d love to have one of our guys to be able to be the starter.” Whoops.)

(Plus, the Redskins only won five games. Whoops again.)

Anyhow, Theismann is annually the source for the sunniest Redskins predictions this side of Larry Michael, and he did it again this week, again on Wise’s 106.7 The Fan show.

“They get the meat of their schedule in November,” Theismann said of the 2012 Skins. “I’ll tell you, I think they can be 6-2 going to the midway point. I really do.”

Seriously, he makes Bill Keane look like a doom-and-gloom grouch.

Wise then speculated that 10-6 was the highest possible upside for this team.

“You know, I think it’s very conceivable that number can be reached,” Theismann said. “I really do. But I think they’re going to have to get off to a fair start, because once you get into November, you’re gonna get the Dallases and the Philadelphias and the Giants back-to-back.”

Theismann also said you will have a better sense of where things stand after Week 2 in St. Louis than after Week 1 in New Orleans.

“By Week 2 we should have a little bit of an idea of whether we’re gonna suffer through some of the pains of last year — but I don’t believe we will, “Theismann said. “It’ll also give Robert a chance to have a game under his belt.

“The great thing a out him is with each game that he plays — and I watched him through the preseason — you could see his demeanor change. Coming out of the huddle differently, the confidence walking to the line of scrimmage. I really feel like he’ll line up against the Saints and say you know what, I belong here, I can play this game, I’ll be fine, everybody else take care of yourself.”

Chris Johnson, Wise’s co-host, at one point referred to Theismann as the eternal optimist.

“I guess you could call me the eternal optimist, but I’d rather be an optimist than a pessimist when football season starts,” Theismann said.

Here’s to that.