(Rich Schultz/AP)

Scanning 2001 Redskins media guide (lockout is killing us) and noticed all-time nicknames include Theismann as Captain Bubbly. Forgot that.

Well, good on Rick for getting that, but I never knew it. In fact, aside from Rick’s Tweet, the only Internet mention for Theismann along with that nickname is from a Web commenter who once named a dog Captain Bubbly.

(Theismann, in case you hadn’t heard, was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame over the weekend, along with Queen Latifah, John Martha Stewart, John Travolta and Bruce Willis and others.)

Now, for whatever reason, the “Nicknames” section disappeared from the Redskins media guide sometime in the past decade, but I went back to the 2000 version to see what else I might have missed. Aside from the group monikers (The Hogs, The Smurfs, The Fun Bunch, The Airborn Rangers, The Blue Collar Crew and The Pearl Harbor Crew), there was this:

Charlie Brown: “Downtown”

Dave Butz: “Bruno”

Monte Coleman: “Superman”

Peter Cronan: “Cronan the Barbarian” and “Piggy”

Clint Didier: “Frog”

Larry Kubin: “Scrappy”

Dexter Manley: “Mr. D”

Mark May: “MayDay”

Tony McGee: “Mac the Sack”

Mark Murphy: “Lech”

John Riggins: “The Diesel”
Joe Washington: “Go-Go”

Roy Simmons: “Sugar Bear”

Joe Theismann: “Captain Bubbly” and “Hollywood”

Rick Walker: “Doc”

Nick Giaquinto: “Trashman”

Mel Kaufman: “Junior”

Wait, Mark Murphy’s nickname was “Lech?” Like, this Mark Murphy? Weird.
Also, why does not every media guide have a list of historical nicknames? I’m looking at you, Wizards.