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After Caps winger Joel Ward scored the Game 7 winning overtime goal against the Bruins in April, he was the target of some seriously awful, racially-charged sentiments. In an interview with 102.1 The Edge in Toronto, he admitted that some of it had authorities worried.

“I had one phone call from an FBI agent who was scared for me,” Ward explained. “He was just asking some questions like, ‘How’s your family doing, how’s everybody doing, are you okay? Did you get any weird messages?’ So now I’m like, really freaked out.”

Thankfully no harm came to Ward, but he was asked to stay in contact with the FBI, just in case.

“I have to go follow up when I get back to D.C., just to kind make sure, clear things over,” he said. “But I told him I was fine, my family’s still living in the same place and all that.”

Ward also revealed in the interview that he recently had surgery for a sports hernia, a procedure that by its very nature provides some awkward moments. There’s maybe .01 percent of that portion of the interview that would be suitable for a family newspaper’s website, so instead feel free to listen below to Ward discuss a male nurse commenting on the personal grooming habits of hockey players, a post-surgery nightmare for a single male trying to attempt some, shall we say, alone time, and more.

Audio, with an adult content warning, after the jump. Ward’s interview is at about the 45:45 mark.