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“We certainly didn’t want to play four games and get swept,” Reds star Joey Votto told Fox Sports Ohio after his team finally beat the Nats on Sunday afternoon. “You know, they showed a lot of Natitude the first three games; we showed some Cincinattitude in the last game.”

No no no, sir. That’s our slogan. You get your own. Cincinn atatürk . Cincinnatavism. Cincinn adirondacks. Something. But you leave us our Natitude.

“Very nice,” the interviewer told Votto.

“It was a good win today,” Votto continued. “I’m really glad we got the win. It would have been a not fun flight to St. Louis, and not fun off day.”

“I mean, even at the end they were battling,” Dusty Baker said after the game. “They’re paying good, inspired baseball, and they’re getting what they need.”

At least he didn’t say anything about Reds Town.

(Via @RecordsANDRadio)