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Who are some other quarterbacks with similar streaks? Well, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, Beck is now tied for the most starts without a win of any NFL quarterback since Brodie Croyle, who lost all 10 of his carer starts with the Chiefs. (He’s currently a free agent.)

Jimmy Clausen lost his first seven starts with the Panthers. He’s currently 1-9 as an NFL starter.

Indy’s Curtis Painter has an active streak, having lost all six of his career starts.

Painter’s Colts teammate Dan Orlovsky also has an active streak, having lost all seven of his career starts, which came with the Detroit Lions in 2008.

Trent Green lost the final six starts of his NFL career, with the Dolphins and Rams from 2007-2008, although obviously he won tons of games before that.

If Beck loses this week, he’ll reach 0-8 as a starter, passing Clausen and Orlovsky on the list. He’ll also have more starts without a win in a Redskins uniform that anyone but George Izo, who was a lifetime 0-10 as a starter for Washington, according to Pro Football Reference.

Oh, and in the comments of my blog, someone recently asked if any Redskins player has come out in support of Beck this week. Here’s at least one, sort of: Fred Davis, on ESPN 980 Monday night.

“Do you guys in the locker room, does Fred Davis believe in John Beck?” Chris Russell asked the tight end. 

“Oh yeah,” Davis said. “I believe in John Beck. I mean, whoever the coach puts out there, I’m gonna believe in. He’s been doing this longer than I have. And if he sees something in the situation, then I’m gonna believe in it. It’s my job just to go out there and perform. Whoever’s out there, you’ve got to make plays, bottom line. You’ve got to try to make plays out of anything that you get. You can’t leave anything on the field. The situation that we’re in right now, 3-5, you can’t leave anything on the field.”

“One of the complaints of the fan base today is A, they can’t stand Beck and they think it’s all his fault, which is ridiculous,” Russell said later. “Two, he was missing wide open receivers, specifically on your 4th-and-2, where he was a little off and you guys couldn’t convert on that, [that] he missed Jabar Gaffney. As a receiver, how frustrating would that be to deal with when you feel you’re open, yet the quarterback, for whatever reason, to not get that opportunity help make a play?”

“Of course,” Davis said. “It’s football. You want to be able to make a play for your team. He had an opportunity to probably hit Jabar. He didn’t. He trusted in me, the guy was on my back, I could have made a heck of a play. Like you said, we didn’t connect. But those are the type of things you can’t just blame on him. There were other times in the game that other guys did things too that didn’t help the situation. You’ve just got to get past it, man.”

So I guess that’s sort of support for Beck. Kind of.