Posited: Chris Cooley and John Beck could become the first NFL starting QB-TE combination to make pottery together in the offseason in the history of the world.

“I took a high school pottery class my senior year, so I know how to throw wa little bit of pots,” John Beck told Sarah Schorno Kogod, as if you didn’t already know that he could throw pots. “And since Cooley’s a professional potter, I’ve thrown some pots at his house.”

This is actually the sort of stuff Joe Gibbs is always talking about, the stuff that helped his work stoppage teams stay close and go win Super Bowls and earn everlasting glory. But I doubt those guys made pottery. I mean, Cooley and Beck “fired and glazed” pots together this week, and Cooley offered assistance as needed.

“I get to a certain point,” Beck said, “and I’m like ok bro, I need your help right here on this one.”