Without a doubt, the most lockout story of this month has been John Beck’s ascension to Redskins starting quarterback on the strength of four excellent radio interviews. Well, maybe Chad Ochocinco’s 1.5-second bullride was an even lockoutier story, but Beck is at least top two.

His 1-1 ratio of excellent radio interviews to career NFL starts, though, means much is still not known about John Beck in this market. I’m not talking about the basic biographical details – The Post handled that with our recent profile. I’m talking about digging deeper. Stuff like this:

• When Beck was a few months old, the Miami Herald reported, “his parents remember him grabbing his empty bottle, hurling it toward the front of their church, and clocking an older man in the head.”

• Although the Arizona Republic retold the story somewhat differently.

“He was a terror in church,” his mother, Julie Beck, told that paper. “He used to drink his bottle really fast, and he had such a quick release, if we weren’t careful, once it was empty he’d grab the nipple and throw it about six rows up.”

• Though, actually, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel said it was four rows up. This is why no one trusts the media.

• The Herald also wrote that when he was 2, Beck could throw a perfect spiral with a nerf football, something I’m still about 50-50 on.

• When Beck was 8, the Deseret Morning News reported, he went dressed as Jim McMahon for Halloween, complete with a jersey, sweatband, turf shoes and a football.

• The Sun-Sentinel wrote at length on Beck’s admiration of another BYU-to-the-pros quarterback, Steve Young. He tried to force himself to be a lefty, the paper wrote, and “even now, he can throw 20-yard spirals left-handed while playing with two young nephews.”

• And yet, when it came time to name his first son, Beck went to yet ANOTHER BYU-to-the-pros quarterback. His son is named Ty, as in Detmer. Oh, and he wore the No. 14 in youth football in Detmer’s honor.

• He makes hunting videos. Via the Deseret Morning News: “Inspired by a video by family friend Marty McCoy of an African safari as well as cable TV outdoor features he’d seen, Beck has since produced digital “hunting shows” starring his teammates. They are complete with how-to-do-it interviews, breaking down the bunny hunts, hunter profiles, hunter portrait shots, action scenes, fade-ins and overlay graphics.”

• He also knows a lot about mule deer.

“With elk, you call them in and they think they are chasing a female,” Beck told the paper. “That’s tough on any male. That’s not too sporting; they think they’re meeting up with a female. Hey, that would be tough on us humans.”

• After his senior year of high school, he told the Arizona Republic that his collegiate goal was “a perfect season: That’s 60 percent completions, no interceptions, a lot of touchdowns to help the team, and taking the team as far as it can go. In college, that would be a national championship.”

• Before his freshman year at BYU, he talked about his goals with the Salt Lake Tribune.

“A normal goal is to want to lead the nation passing,” Beck said. “The most important thing is to win. BYU’s last national championship was 1984, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen again.”

• He quotes Pavarotti and Gruden, reads Shanahan and Billick, has killed a coyote, says his favorite movie is “Rudy,” was described by the Salt Lake Tribune as “Dudley Do-Right,” was described by the Deseret Morning News as “a gym rat on steroids, chasing cheddar,” and could throw a ball 60 yards before he had hair in his armpits, according to his father.