(Tracy A. Woodward/The Washington Post)

And now I’m holding out for “The Beck 3,” the compelling tale of how John Beck outperformed and outlasted JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn and Kevin Kolb.

Here’s Beck, on Wednesday, talking with media members at the players-run practice about his rush to prominence this spring.

“You know, it was nothing that I premeditated,” Beck said. “Really, what happened is I just did an interview back in March and they just asked me what are your feelings. And I just talked about the true feelings that I have, of how much this means to me, how hard I’ve worked and how much I believe that I can do it.

“So it came out, and that’s still the way I feel. I mean, when I go to bed at night, when I was laying in my hotel room here, I watched ‘The Brady 6,’ and I mean, I was so fired up, I wanted to have another practice. That’s the way I am. That’s why I fly all the way from San Diego. My flight got in at 3 [a.m. on Tuesday], and by the time I got to my hotel it was pushing 4, and when I was out here yesterday I was dying to just keep my eyes open. But it means that much to me, because I want to be out here to help this team get better.”

Also this on Beck, from the AP’s Joseph White:

Eagle Scout John Beck’s favorite merit badge: dog care. Least favorite: environmental science.

(Note: to any fans of Beck and journalism, I’m just trying to have fun during some slow months. Beck is legitimately awesome at giving interviews, which makes for great copy, but obviously we don’t know about much else. I will continue to relentless chronicle his offseason aura, though, so be prepared.)

(Audio via the awesome 106.7 The Fan.)