Look, I have no idea if John Beck can play, but I’m telling you, he gives the best interviews of any Redskins quarterback in years and years years. I mean, he might as well just be spewing testosterone into his phone, whence it drips directly out of your speakers and leaves little motivational sayings and fist bumps all over your desk.

Like, this is what happened on Monday, when Rich Gannon asked Beck how he could possibly take ownership of the Redskins’ starting quarterback job during this strange offseason, coming off last year’s Donovan-and-Rexy regular season.

“This is XM Radio, right?” Beck said, and indeed, this was SiriusXM NFL Radio with Gannon and Adam Schein. “I basically say, ‘Screw the awkwardness.’ I’m trying to be the starting quarterback. I’ll call whoever, try to set whatever up. If you don’t think like a starter and act like a starter, your teammates probably aren’t gonna believe you’re the starter. So I’m thinking I’m the starter.”

“Love it,” Gannon said.

“Unbelievable stuff,” Schein added.

And Beck is actually setting those things up. Rookie receiver Leonard Hankerson posted this on his Facebook page before flying to California: “Going to meet/workout with Beck.”

“I feel good after that workout wit #J.Beck #C.Tillman #AJ.Feeley,” Hankerson later wrote on Twitter.

Plus Robert Henson cited Beck as an example when he copied his playbook and sent it to Redskins rookie Jarvis Jenkins.

Also, you’ve heard about those players who say they’re enjoying the lockout? Yeah, that’s not Beck.

“I’m trying to be around the guys I’m going to play with as much as I can,” Beck said. “We schedule things out there in the D.C. area with our guys. I spent the last couple of weeks out there throwing to some of my wide receivers. At this time, I’m out in San Diego training, just trying to prepare myself. I have all my tape stuff out here, I get out to the field, so I’m doing everything I possibly can.

“But I will say this: I’m not one of those guys that’s gonna say, ‘Hey, I enjoy the lockout because I get to go on vacation.’ I’m not that type of a person, because I’m trying to establish myself in this league. I’m furious that I don’t get to be out running OTAs or minicamps. I was just saying this to my wife the other night, right now, we should have already had six OTAs and be preparing for a minicamp, and I’m mad that it’s not happening.

“Because if I’m going to be the best football player I can be, I want to have those opportunities in practice running 11-on-11 plays, going through game situations, third down, red zone. I want to be doing those things. So I’m not one of those guys that’s happy ‘cause of the lockout. To be honest, I’m pissed that we’re not doing football right now, because I want to be practicing.”

“I’m getting fired up! Holy smokes!” Gannon said a few moments later.

“This is great!” Schein added, as hundreds of listeners no doubt smashed their heads through gymnasium walls.

There were also plenty of questions about what makes Beck a good fit in this offense, what his relationship with the Shanahans is like, and why he believes he can succeed. Trust me, you don’t believe in yourself nearly as much as John Beck believes in himself. He makes you look like a self-pitying little sniveling weasel.

“I just want to make sure that I put myself in a situation to win the starting job, so when this thing opens up and we can start playing games, I’m the guy,” he said. “I just want to make sure that I’m doing everything I can preparation-wise, training-wise, mentally, so that when my opportunity comes, I knock it out of the park

Beck said he liked Donovan McNabb, but he was thankful the situation played out the way it did last year, because "if Donovan McNabb stays the starter of the Washington Redskins, I stay a backup, and I do not want to be a backup.” And he said that he understands that Redskins fans won’t have confidence or faith in him until they see him, on the field, running plays, in real games.

“It doesn’t matter what you do in your interviews or what you do on the practice field, it’s about what you do in games, and that’s what I’m champing at the bit for,” Beck said. “So for me, I don’t ask any fans to believe in me right now. How could I, you know? If you try to see what I’ve done in my career, I’ve stood on the sidelines and watched people and I went out as a rookie and played like a rookie. That’s it....

“I’ve been through crappy situations, and I’ve always just tried to maintain through this through this whole thing [that] I believe I’m a starter in the NFL and I’m not gonna let anybody tell me no. And if they try to tell me no, I’m not going to listen to them. I’m just going to listen to me, that believes, and the people around me that believe in me. And I feel like the coaches around me believe in me right now, and that’s why I’m excited.”

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