John Beck has started four NFL football games. He’s also given at least four awesome radio interviews in the three weeks. That’s a weird ratio.

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(Also, he once had two WWE title belts in his locker.)

(Also, he once had a majestic mullet.)

Since this number four is apparently the key number, I’m providing four highlights from Beck’s latest radio tour de force, which came Tuesday on 106.7’s LaVar and Dukes Show.

He Knows the Pressure

LaVar asked Beck if he understood what sort of microscope is applied to quarterbacks in D.C.

“I look forward to it,” Beck said. “I think it comes down to just understanding that it takes skin like an armadillo. You have to have that to be a quarterback in the NFL. And I don’t know exactly what D.C. holds. I mean, I know a little bit from last year, but that was just one year. But I would say no matter what organization you’re playing for in the NFL, if you’re the quarterback of an NFL team, you have to shoulder a lot of responsibility. You also have to shoulder a lot of blame....

“And sometimes you have to shoulder blame that maybe you know inside isn’t wholly on you, but you have to be able to shoulder it. And that’s part of being a leader also, because you can never throw your teammates under the bus, you can never point the finger. If anything, I’ve had to learn really good lessons to turn that finger always around to yourself and say what can I do better?”

He’s Hosting Hankerson

“Have you guys had Leonard Hankerson on the show yet?” Beck asked Arrington at one point. “You know what, I like this guy. Here, I’ll let you guys talk to him.”

“Alright, that’s pretty interesting,” Arrington said. “How cool is that? Dude, what are you doin?”

“Uh, just out here working out in Cali,” the rookie wide receiver said upon catching the phone from Beck. ”Working out with John Beck, going over some of the plays, getting them down, so I can, whenever it’s time, go in and be ready and not be far behind with this lockout....It’s very exciting right now that I’m with John Beck and he’s going over the plays, teaching me and stuff like that. And it feels real good to be out here with him.”

Then Dukes asked if Beck seemed like an NFL starter.

“Oh yeah, he seems like it already,” Hankerson said. “Getting me out here, going over the plays, going over everything, getting to the field, working out together and doing all that type of stuff that a leader do. That’s what it feels like....That’s what leaders, that’s what quarterbacks do.”

Beck then came back on and explained that Hankerson was coming to California anyhow.

“I said hey as long as you’re making this big long trip and I’m out here, let’s just try to get together, sit down a little bit and I can introduce you to the plays,” the quarterback and media heartthrob said. “I really just tried to help him out and say, hey, let me introduce you to what it is we do offensively.”

He Won’t Apologize For Being Happy About This Chance

Beck again praised Donovan McNabb extensively, but said that McNabb needed to fall from grace in D.C. for him to get his shot, that he needed a break after his rookie year mishaps in Miami.

“Opportunity No. 1 came when our team was 0-9, the ship was sinking, and I became a starter as a rookie,” Beck said. “Was it a great opportunity? No. But was it an opportunity, yes. Well that was opportunity No. 1. I had to have something happen to have opportunity No. 2. No team was gonna say this is the guy that we’re bringing in right now and we totally believe in him and we’re gonna give him every opportunity we can to be the starter, like I was re-drafted. I do not get to go through the draft process again, where I come into the NFL with a clean slate from college, where nobody knows how it’s gonna shake down in the NFL. Everybody’s gonna remember me from what happened my rookie year, so I have to get an opportunity.”

He Will Still Do More Interviews

Beck said he was unaware that his radio interviews have made national headlines.

“I don’t know what’s being said, I don’t know,” he said. “When somebody asks me to do an interview, I try to help out and do an interview, and aside from that I’m just trying to find a way to get better on this offense.”