Witness, for example, what he told Comcast SportsNet’s Kelli Johnson earlier this week, when asked about having his young sons out in Ashburn, running around in full-on burgundy-and-gold outfits.

(Redskins rules prohibit me from embedding this video, but you can watch it here.)

“It’s huge,” Beck said. “Those guys mean the world to me. I love ‘em to death. It’s so fun to have them like what dad does, because who knows down the road if they’re gonna like football. I would love them to, but I’m not gonna make them play football. So to have them right now come out and want to play catch with dad, want to wear a Redskins jersey — they’re singing the fight song at home, they always want me to pull it up on my iPhone and sing Hail to the Redskins — it’s a lot of fun.

“And I grew up with my dad on BYU’s campus until I was four. My dad ran track there. And when he would be in the weight room lifting, the football players would throw balls to me. I had a little stuffed football. And I can remember that. So I just hope as a dad that I’m creating good memories for them. Football means a lot to me, I love the game, and I love that they’re a part of it with me right now.”

Speaking of football and youth, Beck also told Johnson he could remember “being 9, 10 years old, drawing up plays and taking them to my Pop Warner coach and being like hey coach, I think this’ll work!” And he also talked about Mike Shanahan the way a perpetual bachelor might talk about the woman he finally found to love.

“Over the past few years, when everyone else just kind of saw me as just a guy, I was working hard so that I could be a guy that someone would notice,” Beck said. “And that someone would say hey, you know what, I believe that this guy can do it....I was working for that person, and I didn’t know who it was yet. I was just working. And to have that person be Coach Shanahan and who he is, it really means a lot.”