Here is Beck, on Thursday, talking to reporters about the just-completed three-day players-only imaginary-practice minicamp.

“The only downside to it, me and Anthony [Armstrong] were talking, we wish we had had tape,” Beck said. “You know, we wish that we could walk over to a room right now, sit down and watch this practice over again and get a feel for ok this is what they’re doing, this is what I’m thinking.”

At which point John Keim asked, in jest I assume, why no one brought recording equipment.

“I thought about it,” Beck said. “Actually had my camera stuff packed, but then I thought it would be too difficult trying to coordinate somebody up there, trying to change the camera, and do different things. How would we coordinate setting it up on tape? You know, I can’t really just go find a TV at somebody’s house and throw everybody in the living room. It’s a tricky deal.”

Then, if I’m not mistaken, it was suggested that the team could gather in the living room of the AP’s Joseph White.

“I thought your living room was the outdoors,” Beck said, hilariously.

How great has this quarterback exploration been in recent weeks? Even Bruce Allen is loving it.

“Exciting that the Redskins can create a quarterback controversy during the work stoppage,”Allen said at the NFL spring meetings.

Oh, and the Deseret News has weighed in with a Beck column, which evidently has the same issue of filling space as we do this time of year.

This is a Beck we haven’t seen before. He’s been so company-line, such a pleaser, not much of a salty pirate in him. Until now.

But no, this is Beck, The Reborn, Beck the Round Table Builder. He’s King Arthur on a crusade for a cause — his cause.

Beck is drawing attention. His quotes are bold and so are his actions: Calling Redskins draft picks, giving them playbooks, organizing player-only practices, telling the media and Redskins fans he can’t worry about the feelings of other QBs, that he’s the guy. It’s his turn.

He’s grabbed the keys and jumped into the driver’s seat. He’s Beck the Usurper — sort of.

Though look at Rex Grossman’s outfit, above. That’s a salty pirate if I’ve ever seen one.