I wanted to talk with Beck for this column, but his agent declined in part because of the recent flurry of attention Beck has received.

That might not be wise. If he is indeed the Redskins’ starter, which means this isn’t just a bunch of offseason chatter, Beck will be the most scrutinized person in the Beltway not named Obama -- or Shanahan, for that matter.

Well, frankly, it probably is wise. Beck didn’t help ease the pressure by giving 5,000 interviews about how he considers himself a starter in May, when nothing else was going on and we could all freak out.

Regardless, props to the agent for stepping in, because Beck had frequently said that he wasn’t reading papers or Web sites or watching ESPN to see how his media tour had been received.

“You know, it was nothing that I premeditated,” Beck told reporters last week. “Really, what happened is I just did an interview back in March and they just asked me what are your feelings.”

“I don’t know what’s being said,” he told LaVar and Dukes. “When somebody asks me to do an interview, I try to help out and do an interview, and aside from that I’m just trying to find a way to get better on this offense.”

Anyhow, indications are my Beck-quotes free-clicks gravy train might finally be shuttering its doors.

(As for Prisco, he never got on board. “Can anybody in their right mind think either Grossman or Beck is a better option than McNabb right now?” he asked. Cynic.)