Also: I went through some newspaper archives, trying to find anything about John Beck’s mullet, or any of his hairstyles, really. But all I came up with was this long-ago quote from his father, Wendell, about his son’s high school career:

As a junior, the scrawny Beck split time with a senior. A year later, he approached 6-feet, 170 pounds.

“He could throw the ball 60 yards, but the kid didn’t get hair in his armpits until he was a senior,” said his father.

There’s no indication as to whether the younger Beck had an armpit mullet at the time.

Anyhow, above, please find Beck in August, during training camp, via the AP’s Alex Brandon. No mullet.

Speaking of which, no one imagined the crackling surprise in store for John Beck hair fans.

I seem to recall Beck once saying that he wasn’t going to cut the mullet until the Redskins season ended. He seemed to live up to that pledge, because by the time he was photographed again this spring, the hair was gone. Gone, but not forgotten. Can’t wait to ask him if he saved a few strands.

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