(The Washington Post)

McNabb probably would give back his $3.5 million signing bonus if the Redskins were willing to release him when the lockout ends, but Shanahan wants something more than money after squandering second- and fourth-round picks on McNabb. If the Redskins move McNabb a minute after a new collective bargaining agreement is formally implemented or wait until the day after their first regular season game — the option deadline — it would still be surprising if any team offered more than a sixth- or conditional seventh-round pick for him. Shanahan needs to let McNabb move on at any price.

Going from a second and a fourth to a sixth over the course of one mediocre season would be a fairly precipitous drop for a future Hall of Famer. Which is why the above paragraph prompted items from Pro Football Talk and the National Football Post, with the latter’s reaction summed up like this: “Wow.”

Well, ESPN’s John Clayton evidently agrees with Reid. Whether he was cribbing off my colleague’s work or relying on his own reporting, Clayton said over the weekend that McNabb will be worth, you guessed it, a sixth or seventh rounder.

“I think he’s gonna end up in Minnesota,” Clayton said on L.A.’s ESPN 710. “Here’s the problem that Donovan faces: he can’t control his own fate because he can’t get himself released in time. The one thing that is going to be there is Mike Shanahan is going to be trying to get some trade value, even though the value technically is only going to be a sixth or seventh round pick, and so he can’t hit the market as fast as even a Vince Young, who‘ll be released once the league year starts. So Donovan could be in a tough spot right now.”