(Jared C. Tilton/GETTY IMAGES)

If you follow his Twitter feed, you’ll have noticed that Erskine has been planning a trip to Pocono with friends for quite some time. A Hendricks Motorsports employee caught wind of this, and hooked Erskine and his friends up with garage passes and a tour and all that. This meant Erskine was up in the pit box, and asking where he could pick up #48 gear, and later writing that he had “an unforgettable weekend.”

It also meant a pre-race appearance on SiriusXM’s NASCAR radio, where he was introduced to the strains of DJ Pauly D’s “Beat Dat Beat,” and asked to talk about NASCAR.

“Now let me give you a small piece of advice when you are walking to the garage area,” one of the hosts told Erskine. “Find a guy named Kevin Harvick — he’s a driver, he’s won three times this year, he’s a big Flyers fan.

“Ooooh,” Erskine said. “I might have to take him down then.”

The hosts also told Erskine how NASCAR drivers are in fact real athletes.

“I’ve heard some of these guys lose about 20 pounds sitting in those cars,” Erskine said, “and I’ve been on fast boats before and that takes a lot out of you too so I can imagine being in the car that has got to be quite the workout for those guys.”

(Jared C. Tilton/GETTY IMAGES)