If longtime fans of The Post’s sports columnists weren’t having enough difficulty choosing between Tony Kornheiser’s late-morning radio show on ESPN 980 and Mike Wise’s late-morning (and mid-afternoon) radio show on 106.7 The Fan, here’s some bad news: you can now add a third Post sports columnist to that radio mix.

SiriusXM announced on Tuesday morning that John Feinstein will be the co-host of a new daily sports show on Mad Dog Radio called “Beyond the Brink.” Feinstein’s show will air from 10-2 on weekdays, putting him on at the same time as both Kornheiser and Wise.

(So if WTOP gives Jason Reid a show, and WNEW gives Sally Jenkins a show, and WETA gives Thomas Boswell a show, and WAMU gives Tracee Hamilton a show, we should be pretty much set. Tarik doesn’t get a show. Those “On Hockey” columns don’t really count.)

Feinstein and his co-host, Bruce Murray, will debut this Thursday from the ACC tournament in Atlanta; the press release says they “will cover the spectrum of sports on their show, interviewing high profile guests, debating topics and talking with callers nationwide about the headline stories of the day.”

 Scott Greenstein, SiriusXM’s president, described Feinstein in the release as “one of the world’s finest sports journalists,” and said his show will be “one of sports talk’s most engaging and thought-provoking shows.”

Feinstein will also continue to appear as a guest on 106.7 The Fan.