(By Gary Bogdan-Pool/GETTY IMAGES)

Great, even.

“I even had this thought last night,” Feinstein said recently, while talking about the NBA draft with 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies. “You guys have probably heard me say this before: I think Kendall Marshall’s gonna be a terrific NBA guard. I really do. He reminds me a lot of Jason Kidd. He’s not a great shooter, but he’ll become a better shooter as time goes along. He knows how to run a team, he’s smart, he plays defense.

“If I was the Wizards, I swear if I could pull off a deal, I would trade down. I would take John Wall, trade down, get a player or two, and use the first pick on Kendall Marshall. I swear to God I would do that, I think that highly of Kendall Marshall.

“They’re not gonna do that,” he continued, “because that’s thinking out of the box. And they’ve made such a big deal out of John Wall they can’t afford to trade him. But I think that would be a good move. I think Kendall Marshall, in terms of running a team, potentially is a lot better than John Wall.”

Feinstein clarified that he would require two would-be starters, plus a lottery pick, in return for Wall, and that he thinks the Wizards actually should draft Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. If he kept it at that, the segment would have been considerably more boring.

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