Before we go any further, if any lawyers are reading this post and wondering about suing me, the headline is not supposed to suggest that John Feinstein literally sprayed napalm on Daniel Snyder. I’m just saying he wrote a lot of unflattering things on his blog about the Redskins owner in light of the new lawsuit news.

For example:

* Perhaps no one on earth has ever deserved to be ignored more than Dan Snyder. The problem is he can’t be ignored. He is relentlessly annoying and he has access to the media—any and all media in Washington—whenever he wants it.

* If you go back to the first letter Snyder’s lawyers sent to The City Paper it SAID we have money and you don’t so you better apologize before we spend you into bankruptcy defending yourself against this law suit. That’s the legal version of ‘give me your lunch money or I’ll beat you up.’

* Perhaps Snyder should call up his op-ed (written for him apparently by Lanny Davis, who once represented Bill Clinton and has now officially reached the nadir of his career by going to work for Snyder) and read the comments about a piece that carries HIS byline. I only read about the first 100 posts but public opinion, after Davis stated his case for Snyder as eloquently as he could, was running about 100-to-1 against Snyder. My guess is the next 900 didn’t get much better.

* There’s another old saying: If no one likes you then at least you know you’re not paranoid. Congratulations, Dan. You’re not paranoid.

Not only is Feinstein off the Christmas card list, I’m guessing he won’t even receive a burgundy and gold fruit cake this year.