The Caps game-day entertainment folks have this one video they run featuring various celebrities shouting “Let’s Go Caps!” The only controversial member of the video would appear to be Ravens Coach John Harbaugh, who is greeted by a mix of cheers and boos, but largely boos, to my ears. So much for sports fans from Baltimore and D.C. uniting in glorious harmony.

Well, Jerry Coleman asked Harbaugh about that reaction during a segment on Fox 1370 Sports Radio Baltimore’s Sports with Coleman this week.

The exact question, I should specify, was whether Harbaugh gets booed worse by Steelers fans or Caps fans.

“I hope they’re Redskins fans down there that are posing as Capitals fans,” the coach joked. “You know, obviously they’re excited about the Capitals being a winner, and I like the Capitals too. I take my family to games there once or twice a year. The time that I was there live [and appeared on the screen], it was kind of half and half. People in the sections around us I thought were cheering wildly, and then I did hear some boos in the background from other parts of the arena, so I assume most of those boos were coming from the upper decks.”

Harbaugh went on to ruminate on what this all means.

“We did get mobbed as far as trying to get out of the building, with people getting pictures and autographs and stuff like that,” he said. “So I know most of those fans are Ravens fans, and like I said, we’ve got Ravens fans everywhere. We’ve got Ravens fans in every part of this state, Pennsylvania -- they’re all over the country -- but that includes Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia and D.C.

“If you look at the demographics, it’s kind of interesting; [Ravens President] Dick Cass kind of shared some of the stuff with us. A lot of the younger generation — the kids, the high school kids, the college kids, the 20-somethings — in that area are kind of turning our way. They’re becoming Ravens fans, and that’s exciting. And we want to appeal to that group down there. We welcome them on board, man. We can use all the fans we can get. It’s a great area, and obviously it’s Maryland, so we’d like to have them be a part of Ravens Nation.”

Hmmm. Interesting request. Not sure if it’s that easy.