(By Cheryl Nichols.)

But before I give it up, here is Caps fan and super blogger Brian Murphy posing with his giant Obama head and, oh yeah, John Kerry. Murphy, I assure you, was not trying to score political points on Monday night; he was trying to taunt Boston goalie Tim Thomas. Whether or not that worked, it made a lot of people laugh. Murphy writes:

This photo, taken by the wonderful Cheryl Nichols, was absolutely the highlight of the night. As the president and I were headed to meet up with some pals during the first intermission we ran into Sen. John Kerry. Yes, that John Kerry.

Or more accurately, he noticed a grown man with a cutout of Barack Obama’s head walking nearby, chuckled and then pointed us out to his friends. At this point, I was pretty much required to do something. I mean, how often does a gentleman who once ran for president run into a moron with a larger-than-life cutout of the current president?

So I walked over, shook his hand and was about to go stand in line for another beer when Cheryl kicked me and suggested I get a photo taken with Kerry. So we did.

See more of Cheryl’s photos at District Sports Page. Also, below, Kerry celebrates the victory, via @JapersRink. Look how happy he is.