“If you’re not pulling for him, you’re not human,” Sean Burnett said, via Kilgore.

Kilgore also reported that Lannan, a Long Island native, had “at least 20 family members and friends” at Wednesday night’s game, a point driven home by MASN’s broadcast, which showed the Lannan crew repeatedly.

“Very excited, we’re loving the whole thing,” Lannan’s mom told Kristina Akra. “We’re so proud of him. We’re just so proud of him.”

 “It’s exceptionally great,” Lannan’s father said. “I mean, it’s actually unbelievable from a year ago how much they’ve really progressed. Got a great bunch of guys on and off the field. It’s really terrific to see.”

When Lannan was removed from the game after 5 and 2/3 scoreless innings, the Lannan crew gave him a standing ovation. See below. The lefty must have looked or waved at them, because several members of his fan club all signaled toward the field at the same time.

Ok, now you can go back to arguing about Strasburg.