And, whatever he’s been doing, it seems to have lightened his mood. The man started out his hit by talking about the positives!!!!

“I’ll tell you what you have to say is that I thought they’ve still got spirit,” Riggo said of the Skins. “I mean, you can’t take that away from them. They’re still not a particularly good football team, but to each individual, they’re still going out there and they’re trying to win. They had everything in great position, and then you see really what they’re all about when it comes down to it. It’s like Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross: we need closers, and they’re not closers. And that’s what happened. And not that the New York Jets are...but in the end, they made more plays than the burgundy and gold.”

Riggo didn’t even have a cross word to say about the pooch kick call, which led to a short field for the Jets when Graham Gano botched it.

“You know what, if it works it’s a great call, and when it doesn’t, then all of the sudden you get second-guessed,” Riggins said. “You’re willing to take chances, because you’re just trying to get a win and I think that’s what you see there. It’s a little bit of desperation — you’re trying to get tricky and do some things — and myself personally, I can’t fault anybody for that.”

I mean, I was starting to think that the Great Outdoors captured Riggins’s brain and replaced it with the brain of Kevin Sheehan. Fortunately, the final question was about holding the decision-makers accountable, and then the old Riggo returned.

“I think that that’s something that I said from the very beginning, ’ he said. “When you look at Coach Shanahan and his record in Denver, the cold hard facts are this; that he won one playoff game once John Elway retired. I don’t know, to me it tells me that you had a very gifted player at that position and you never were able to find that next guy. I think that’s a little bit telling, and I think that you’ve got to look at Coach Shanahan and you’ve got to hold him up to the light. You have to hold him accountable, because he’s the one that’s in control of everything.”