A lot of Redskins fans and media members are feeling a lot of good, optimistic things about the direction the franchise is going in.

John Riggins is not in that category. This is Riggins, talking about the joint exiling of McNabb and Haynesworth on his radio show.

“I don’t know how this all got swept under the rug so neatly, in a way,” Riggins said. “When you think of what they brought in and what you thought Mike Shanahan was bringing to D.C., people had more chaos than you’ve seen here in 50 years ,and he did it in one year. Why would anybody think for a second that he’s learned anything in a year’s time? There’s gonna be a lot of egg on my face, because I just don’t see this man having ANY success. And I think the more I lean into it and the more I look into my crystal ball, the more I think John Elway put this guy in a 35,000 square foot home in Denver.”

And in the perpetual Yin and Yang of Redskins offensive stars from the 1980s, here’s Joe Theismann’s updated take on things.

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