I mean, when last we heard from Riggins, he was saying that he really believed “that, for the good of the franchise, somebody else has to own this franchise,” and that “that trophy’s getting further away from this franchise. It ain’t getting closer, it’s getting further away.”

Once you’ve said that, it’s kind of hard to want to come back the next week and say it again.

Still, I didn’t guess that Riggo’s next project would be an outdoors show. Keeps you guessing, that guy does.

From his Facebook page on Thursday came this message:

It’s finally time to solve the mystery of the missing show. It’s mixed with some bittersweet, but like my mother told me when I left football, every train must eventually come to the station. The John Riggins Show has made its last run, so the the Diesel can roll on to 44 Outdoors, where I get to spend my time in the wild, doing what I like to do best ... fish, hunt, and explore. With the partnership of Curtis Fleming, producer and star of Fly Rod Chronicles, which is now on the Outdoor Channel, I’ll be traveling the country looking for adventure and whatever comes my way. We’ll “range the field, rove the flood, and climb the mountain’s crest” every week, looking for fur, fish, fowl, and fun. Then we’ll take to the kitchen and let my 120,000 BTU Montague Grizzly transform it into a feast!

I am much obliged to MASN and WTOP for allowing me to be a part of your day the past 18 months. I’m grateful to our sponsors because without them there wouldn’t have been a John Riggins Show. Many thanks to Tod Castleberry, my co-host, and tireless visionary who made it all work; to Kevin Stanfield, my board op, who made me laugh regularly, and to Artie Schweitzer for all his contributions.

But ultimately, it’s you, to whom I’m most indebted. No matter how heretical my opinions may have been, you made me feel you still wanted to know what I thought. Thank you, and see you soon, where it’s going to be all fun, and no games. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! RJR

Sure enough, a West Virginia television station recently featured Riggo filming a segment for his show about fly fishing on West Virginia’s Elk River. That’s where the above image comes from.

This might be a good time to re-read Sally Jenkins’s masterful profile of the modern-day Riggins, and his many enigmas.