There were plenty of people unhappy with the Redskins’ offense on Sunday, from the fans booing at FedEx Field to the Comcast SportsNet post-game analysts. (See above. Yikes.)

But I’m not sure if anyone asked as many pointed questions of Mike Shanahan as John Riggins. Riggo, who has frequently questioned both Mike Shanahan and his son over the past two seasons, was not in a generous mood after Rex Grossman threw four more interceptions in Sunday’s loss to the Eagles.

“I gotta believe if I’m in that locker room, I’ve got to be really angry with Shanahan, because I’m going Rex is a nice guy, but this is what he does coach. How come it took you so long to figure this out?” Riggins said during his postgame show, which can be viewed on his Web site.

Now they’ve got some big questions to ask themselves, Coach Shanahan does,” Riggins said later.

“How about Kyle?” Dexter Manley added.

“Well, that’s another point,” Riggo agreed. “Somebody’s got to be responsible for what you’ve seen. They’ve been making excuses for Rex Grossman all the way through.

“nd Shanahan likes to throw this out there, and that’s a bunch of crap — grade a quarterback by the wins and losses. Quarterbacks don’t win and lose games by themselves. That’s the whole team. You’ve grade ‘em by what they do on the field, and what they bring into that huddle and what they produce. Forget the wins and losses; that defense has won three games, it hasn’t been Rex Grossman. So you want to keep selling that line, try it on somebody else. I’m not gonna buy into it.

“And YOU’RE the one that’s been perpetuating the myth of Rex Grossman. So my question is, if you’re starting John Beck now, do you really look like a guy that really knows what he’s doing? Now all of a sudden after last year with Donovan McNabb and the debacle that was that, now all of a sudden you’ve wasted four-and-a-half games on Rex Grossman, which most dummies in the alley could have told you, don’t waste your time....

“To me, all of a sudden, in one quick afternoon, everything that looked like it was so rosy and going in the right direction, Coach Shanahan — Coach Shanahan — has managed to turn this thing backwards. Because what he counted on [was] Rex Grossman being able to manage a game and everybody had to tell him it ain’t happening, sorry Mike, he ain’t that guy. You had to lead with your chin and tell everybody oh yes he is. Well, the proof is in the pudding, and this is what you have.”

You’ll recall that Shanahan said he would put his reputation on Grossman and Beck. At the conclusion of Sunday’s 1 p.m. games, the Redskins were tied with Jacksonville and Tampa Bay for the worst ratio of touchdowns-to-interceptions in the NFL.

(Image via @boygeniusLA)