John Riggins hasn’t done his post-game Redskins show for the past three games, nor has he done his other regular MASN and WTOP appearances. I’ve gotten literally dozens of questions about where Riggins has been, but my attempts to figure out what was going on have been unsuccessful. Thankfully, Riggins updated his status on Facebook Friday morning.

Here’s the entire thing:

This kind of reminds me of 1980, when I mysteriously disappeared from the beginning of training camp in Carlise, and ended up not playing that season. Back then there were two burning questions in Washington, who shot JR from the tv drama Dallas, and where is JR?

Well the truth is I'm very sick, but then you’ve all known that since I showed up in NY with a Mohawk back in '73. But seriously, I took some vacation back in early November and with the B&G in a death slide it was getting really difficult to continue being the grumpy old man. How many times and how many ways can you say Shanny's lost a step. I have my limits, too. So, it has just made great sense to extend the time off and pursue my true passion in life, THE GREAT OUTDOORS! I figure after 40 years of being tied up in the fall I owed to my self to get the 30-06, and the 12 gauge oiled up and take to the field and the woods. Ah, how sweet it is.

Now I'll be back soon in some shape or other, and the good times will roll again. I am humbled by everyone's concerns and look forward to getting in front of the camera. Thank you for thinking about me.