Two things that have no known limits: John Thompson stories, and word counts in Thomas Boswell online chats.

And thus, this response from Monday’s chat, which — in true Boswellian fashion — begins with the word “Anbd.” The question concerned this year’s Georgetown team. The answer didn’t.

Now that Big John has retired from local radio, I’ll tell a little story from long ago when I was covering high schools — I wasn’t even the high school editor — and John was an obscure high school coach at St. Anthony’s.

Nobody, and I promise you nobody, thought he’d be a famous college basketball coach. And I was so low on the depth chart at the Post that you couldn’t find me. John got to know my mother through an accidental phone call to me. They started talking and got along well. (Better than John and I at the time, probably, since he was usually in some local-b’ball fuss with DeMatha.)

So, he used to phone my mother to ask her advice on child-rearing issues with his sons — yes, JTIII and Ronnie — when they were very little. He once said, “Those country girls are smart,” because she was from a tiny farming town in Delaware.

So, please, go on and tell me about the Big John stereotype. There’s just no truth in it. That’s not who he is. That’s not who he ever was. And that’s not how his kids were raised. He just had principles and stood up for them. And that has a price associated with it which he was glad to pay.

So Thomas Boswell’s mother gave child-rearing advice that was used on the current coach of Georgetown’s basketball team. FYI. I got nothing else.