Ordinarily this week, many of us would be in Las Vegas, watching NBA rookies and second-year players in UNLV gyms and placing absurd wagers on whether some German golfer we’ve never heard of will stay within three strokes of some American golfer we’ve marginally heard of in the first round of the British Open. And also WNBA futures. Love WNBA futures.

But the lockout meant no NBA Summer League, and so instead of being in Vegas, a great many younger NBA players seem to be popping up at these more grassroots summer leagues across the country.

“We can’t do nothing else right now but play in summer leagues, so if I’m gonna be in D.C., I want to show love to the community,” Wall told Mike Wright of @FSPCrewshow after his recent Goodman Coalition debut. “Some people is not fortunate enough to come to the Wizards games, so I just come out here and have a good time. I’m used to playing in stuff like this, just having a good time and enjoying myself.”

Tuesday, he had a good time and enjoyed himself back home in Raleigh, playing in the NC Pro-Am league and getting in a pleasant back-and-forth battle with former N.C. State star Julius Hodge. Hodge had more points, Wall’s team won, and the latter crossed over the former. Video evidence above and below.

As for a possible cross-country showdown between the Goodman League stars and the Drew League misfits, Wall told Wright that he would be in.

“I’m gonna make sure I’m on the Goodman League,” he said. “I can’t go to the Drew League. I’m in D.C., so that’s who I’m playing for.”