Spotted: John Wall having dinner with his bosses — Ted Leonsis and Ernie Grunfeld — at Rockville’s Cava Mezze early Monday night. Business casual, all around. Leonsis’s son was along, and between the four of them and the carryout Ted got for his wife, they ordered about half the menu (lamb chops, gyros, Greek fries).

Then Ted Leonsis wrote about the meal on his blog. So, what the heck:

What did we talk about? The Stanley Cup Finals; the NBA Finals; the overall business climate; and the upcoming NBA draft.

It was John’s first visit to an authentic Greek restaurant. John is working out here in DC. He is attending some of the workouts by potential draftees. He is watching the Mystics practice. He is watching film.

We talked a lot about basketball trivia. John is a real - and I mean a real - student of the game and its history. I am very impressed by his level of respect for the game. He loves it.

The folks at Cava also put this photo up on their Facebook page, which would seem to indicate that Wall’s idea of business casual is slightly different from that of his bosses. But nice to see he’s repping the new color scheme around town.