The Wizards still haven’t won a game, but they keep adding to the highlight reel. This one is notable for two reasons: it’s a pretty swell dunk by John Wall, and he was given a technical foul for preening and/or continuing to exist after the dunk.

I do love to criticize players for celebrating individual plays during losses, but I’m not sure how the world was made a better place by this particular technical foul.

Also, if you’re curious, this season is going exactly how Ted Leonsis expected. From the owner’s blog on Tuesday:

Rebuilding is a hard ship – I understand that – I am not wired to “smile” through it - I am just a realist- and have experience in rebuilding a team before – I understand that the process is a difficult one. I know that the media will pummel us with wicked pixels – the media reaction to a rebuild and poor performances and the mistakes that young players make – is a major reason that many teams that need a makeover or a rebuild decide to not pursue this course of needed action. It hurts. The short term pain of public opinion generated by the media is too harsh to take. But then again; if you have a veteran laden team that loses and there are a lot of those out there too – the media will pummel you as well. This all comes with the territory – no pain, no gain.

If this blog wasn’t already called the D.C. Sports Bog, I would definitely name it “Wicked Pixels,” like, yesterday. Well, either that or “Erudite and Well-Read and Highly Relevant.”

(Videos via BallisLife via @chrislittmann and @jose3030.)