This was tweeted to me yesterday by @NOCintern with the intro “Watch John Wall destroy a high school kid in 1 vs. 1.” The title of the video is “John Wall Shuts Up High School Kid.” Neither of those is exactly true.

I see high school standout Tyrek Coger have the courage to go one on one with Wall at the Reebok Breakout Challenge. I see him keep up with Wall, who is shorter and faster than the 6-foott-7-, 230-pound teenager. I see Wall missing open shots and getting embarrassed by a block at the 2:15 mark. And I hear Coger’s friend at the end, who is clearly aware that Wall shot 42.3 percent from the field last season, point out the best way to beat the Wizards point guard.

“My man read the scouting report. Let John Wall shoot.”

Not exactly a good look for Wall, but perhaps he went easy on the kid.

If you want to see Wall actually “destroying” and “shutting people up” at the Challenge, check out the video below, via Bullets Forever.