John Wall was featured in the most recent issue of Dime magazine. If there’s one thing that’s clear in the story, it’s that the Wizards star knows he needs to have a big year.

“You wanna do it all,” Wall told Dime. “You wanna be an All-Star. You wanna be one of the top five best point guards. You wanna make the playoffs, and get this city back to where they know they can be. When you have the playoffs, I heard how crazy it could be when everybody is wearing all white. That’s what I want to get to. I want to be the savior.”

It’s a far cry from the humility shown by D.C.’s other young superstar, Robert Griffin III. With two young team leaders in town, the comparisons between RGIII and Wall are inevitable. Both marketing machines — three of the five Dime photos of Wall show him posing with a can of Red Bull — both at the helm of teams with a recent losing history, both with potential superstar talent.

They also know it’s not just about their own performance. They both need their supporting casts to step up.

“We want to be a playoff team,” Wall said. “We know we can be a playoff team. We showed we can beat some of the best teams in the league, and we can compete with all of the teams in the Eastern Conference. It’s just that we have to do the right things. I think everybody knows what our team is expected to be next year and what guys we’re gonna have back. We just have to put in the work this summer and come back even better.”

Unlike Griffin, Wall is not a rookie. He knows that this year has to be great, no excuses.

“As a player,” Wall said, describing what would make him feel successful, “I think be where everybody expects me to be: lead my team, being a clutch performer, being a superstar. That’s what I think about putting it in exact words that I need to, so I can finally lead to my superstar statement and be one of the top five point guards in the league.”

(The story isn’t available online, but you can check out the cover with Wall here.)