“Basically [Jay-Z] just said ‘keep playing,’” Wall said. “He thinks I’m a good player, somebody that can keep getting better. He wished me the best of luck and keep going forward. I appreciated it. That’s somebody, he’s one of the greatest rappers of all time. I looked over and saw him during the second quarter and it was shocking to see him. I wondered if he was going to come before the game started. It was nice to finally meet him.”

I just assumed they had met before, but maybe that’s because I think that all famous people know each other. 

My favorite part of the vid is seeing Jay-Z get all giddy after their meeting, but Wall said he was a little starstruck himself.

“We got the win, so I know he probably didn’t like that part,” Wall said. “I went to his concert when he came here with Kanye, so, it was a big deal for me.”