“It starts...in the power forward or the center position or the 3-man position,” Wall told Ivan Carter when discussing the team’s draft priorities. “I think if we just get stronger in that position, it’ll really help us.”

I mean, just that. Other than that, the roster is pretty much set.

“I’d like to see [Derrick Williams] or Enes Kanter play with us,” Wall also said. “I think those two guys are very good, they’re good big men that can really help us next year if we get a chance to pick ‘em.”

As for one of the people currently in those positions — the enigmatic JaVale McGee — Coach Flip Saunders had a few thoughts on Wednesday. This came on 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies, after Eric Bickel asked whether he had a sit down talk with McGee after the latter’s absurd triple-double.

“We sat down the next day. We sat down,”Saunders said. “We’ve talked about where he was at, why he was doing it. He understood those things....Those are things you don’t do if you want to be a playoff team, or an individual that’s gonna have success in the playoffs, because those are the type of things that other teams thrive on from a motivational standpoint....

“The thing with Javale is because of his athleticism, he does some phenomenal things. And by doing those things, he’s on ESPN a lot, and I think sometimes he gets carried away and he thrives on that. We’re trying to get him, along with that, to be a meat and potatoes player, where he becomes a much more fundamental player. I think he’s done that at times, as far as scoring in the low post and not getting all crazy.”

Saunders also said Wall appears to be an inch taller than he was when the Wizards drafted him, and that he might peak at close to 6-foot-6.

“That’s one of the reason he’s had...that soreness below his knee,” Saunders said. “Sometimes it’s caused by guys that are going through growth spurts. He’s gonna continue to get bigger and bigger.”